Alternative Bathroom Window Curtains

Not all bathroom windows need elaborate curtains or window treatments.  Many bathrooms have rippled glass or frosted glass that preserves your privacy and lets in natural light.  Spending all sorts of money on curtains for these windows would be difficult to justify the expense since they’d really never be closed.  But the room still looks bare and not quite done.  Using a window scarf could be your best option.

A window scarf is very similar to complete bathroom curtains but instead of having the ability to open and close them, they simply drape around the window.  You have probably seen this used in decorating in conjunction with regular curtains but they are just as lovely when used alone.  Basically the window scarf is a narrow strip of fabric that runs along the top and side of the window.

Bathroom Window Scarf

Bathroom Window Scarf

As an alternative to bathroom window curtains, window scarves are much simpler to purchase or to make one yourself.  A window scarf can be purchased at any discount or department store in any particular length or color.  If you look at several stores and can’t find what you want, just run over to your local fabric store.  There you can find any color, pattern, or fabric imaginable and simply buy a handful of yards to make your own.  If you have a sewing machine you can simply sew a simple hem and you have the perfect window scarf.  If you don’t have a sewing machine you can use a hem that requires no sewing, both will be equally attractive.

Once you have your window scarf you will need to find and choose brackets for it.  Keep in mind that unlike with traditional bathroom window curtains, the brackets will be exposed so you probably need to find a good decorative bracket to use.  The wrought iron bracket is a very distinct look and ideally suited to a bathroom environment.  Almost any bracket will do, though wood wouldn’t be suggest since it will likely warp because of the damp conditions.

Now that you have brackets, you have a few options for hanging the window scarf.  You can use a curtain rod and gently drape it over it, or you can simply hang it between the two brackets.  Another very decorative option is putting a third bracket in the middle of the window and placing the window scarf in between the three for a more draping look.  If using an unhemmed fabric, be sure to pin or glue the raw ends so that they do not show.  In general, window scarves are not meant to be moved or touched so you can get away with simple measures to secure it.

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