Bay Window Curtains

One of the most desirable windows you could have in your home is a bay window, and if you’re lucky enough to have one in your bathroom, you could have anything from dramatic appeal to tranquility. There are a few things to consider though when looking at bay window treatments and some people will say that you don’t even need them at all. For some that may be true if you have one of those views that you simply don’t want to obstruct, but if privacy is of any concern and since this is dealing with a bathroom, you are going to want to look at some kind of treatment to cover them up for those private moments. Don’t get me wrong, the windows themselves are beautiful, but you have a lot of opportunity to add your own personal touch and flair to it with whatever you decide to do with those bay window curtains.

For those that don’t know what a bay window might be, let’s have a little explanation. First off, what it’s not. This window is simply not a window that’s overlooking some beautiful bay of water, although that would be very nice. It’s a window that sits recessed into the wall and the main panel window is surrounded on both sides with separate smaller windows. The side ones don’t necessarily have to be smaller, but they typically are. I have seen some custom built bay windows where each window pane was exactly the same size. But for the typical home, they will tend to be smaller than the main window pane.

Now when you start talking about curtains for bay windows you have a ton of options to think about. One such option to consider is whether or not you want to have full length window curtains or if you would rather go with the half length cafe curtain look. Personally I like the idea of having a full length curtain covering the entire window especially for the privacy aspects you’ll encounter when decorating your bathroom. Due to this, the rest of this explanation will deal with treatments for full length curtains for bay windows.

The curtain themselves don’t really differ from any other curtains you would install in a bathroom, other than they will probably be a little bigger than those for normal windows. So again just choose you’re own style for your bay window curtain. If it’s your style, it can’t really be wrong. But the fun comes in depending on how much spacing is between your side windows and the central window panel. If there’s a lot of space between, you might could even use some different color panel curtains to hang between to hide the wall space between the curtains. If not then you could use some solid panels to cover the entire window. The real fun comes in when you decide on how you want to hang the actual curtain in your bay window. We’ll cover this next.

Bay Window Curtains

Bay Window Curtains

If you are trying to keep that recessed look and utilize some of that window ledge space, you really have three types of choices to hang the curtains, with poles, rods or tracks. Let’s take a look at the first option of using bay window curtain poles. These are meant to be a part of the overall decor. They will be visible due to the sheer nature of how they are hung. These poles are shaped to fit the bay window perfectly sitting neatly tucked inside the window. You can use tab top, rings or panel curtains to your liking on these poles. The fun comes in with the look you are trying to create as they are made of many different materials from wood to metal. The neat factor and visual appeal comes in with the use of finials and hanging hardware chosen to hold the poles.

Bay window curtain rods are a little bit different than the poles. These rods will actually fit within the window but inside each window of the bay. Their typically the spring loaded variety but opens up the window a bit more in that it sits inside the window and shows the wall between them. One great thing about using these curtain rods is that you can add that visual appeal solely with the curtains. Picture using 2 different types/colors of curtains for this technique. Think of solid colors on the sides and a pattern for the middle curtain, or vice versa, whatever your taste maybe.

Finally, you could use some tracks to fit your bay windows. These come in both corded and uncorded varities but they do allow you to use some of the more common hooked or grommet type curtains. One thing to note if you are going to use tracks. It’s probably going to be best to use and install the corded versions as since these are recessed windows, they’ll allow for easier operation of opening and closing bay window curtains.

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