Best Fabric for Bathroom Window Curtains

Although it might seem as if any fabric would do for bathroom window curtains and while you do have a good selection, the truth is that some material is simply better and for a number of reasons.  For one thing, this room of the house has a significant amount of moisture and humidity so fabric should be easy to clean.  In other words, we suggest you avoid any type of fabric that would have to be dry cleaned, instead going with something that you could machine wash and preferably fabric that would come out of the dryer without wrinkles.  Now, there are some fabrics for the bathroom that could also be hand washed but because of the extra time and effort involved, it would be best to stick with those that can be machine washed.

Another consideration specific to fabric used to make bathroom window curtains has to do with privacy.  Obviously, windows of the bathroom should be covered to keep people from seeing in.  Even if your bathroom window were small, perhaps the room has just one window, or neighbors are a distance away, you would still need fabric that could block the outside world if choosing bathroom window curtains only.  However, if you wanted to use shutters, blinds, or shades, then choose thicker fabric, possibly something with a darkening panel.

Light is a common problem in most bathrooms so as you look at various possibilities of fabric when shopping for bathroom window curtains, it would be important to consider the amount of light you want or need.  Again, if the window is small or the room has just one, then you probably have a problem of low natural light.  In this case, the curtains should be made of a lighter fabric.  It would also be helpful to choose a light color.  Now, if the bathroom has a large window or the room features more than one, you would be able to expand options for the fabric of which the curtains were made.

We wanted to provide you with a few specific options of fabric for bathroom window curtains, along with some of the benefits they provide.

•    Cotton – This fabric actually has a number of advantages over other fabrics.  For instance, cotton comes in thousands of colors, patterns, and styles so regardless of the look or decorum of the bathroom, you would have a multitude of choices.  Additionally, cotton is very affordable so if on a budget, you would have no problem finding an array of possibilities when buying new curtains or even making them,

•    Polyester Blends – Similar to cotton, this type of fabric comes in a huge selection and it is cost efficient.  However, one of the primary benefits of choosing polyester blend fabric for bathroom window curtains is that this particular fabric is not only machine washable but it does not wrinkle.  With this, you could wash the curtains and hang them right back up straight out of the dryer.

•    Hemp and Other Natural Fabrics – If you support the “green movement” and prefer a more organic fabric for your bathroom window curtains, hemp would be a good consideration.  Typically, material such as this does best in rooms with low moisture levels so if you need to window treatments for a guest bathroom, then hemp would actually be ideal.

•    Linen – Finally, linen can be a great fabric for the bathroom although because it is more expensive than some of the other options and it has a richer look, most people go with linen when wanting to achieve more luxurious aesthetics.  One advantage of linen is that the fabric is heavy, which can be an energy efficient solution.

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