Blackout Blinds – Alternative To Bathroom Curtains

Have you ever spent the night in a hotel or on a cruise ship and woken up in pure darkness thinking that it was still the middle of the night? That’s a nice feeling isn’t it? Transfer that same feeling to your bathroom. The only bad thing about going into a totally dark bathroom first thing in the morning is trying to wake up. But simply letting the light in so you can wake your sleepy head can be just as bad because if the light can come in then those prying eyes can as well. Well, I’ve got the answer to your light pollution and peeping Tom problems for all of those worried about lighting issues and someone looking in and seeing something that only certain people should: blackout blinds. These bllinds basically block any light from entering or exiting a window. Let’s take a look at a couple of the different styles of these blinds that you can pick up online or in your local department stores.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds
Unlike regular blinds that have little plastic, wooden, or metal slides that are rolled up and down to open or close them, blackout roller blinds sit rolled up in a cylinder at the top of the window. To let them down you simply grab the bottom of the fabric and pull open to the desired length. Not only that they are super easy to install and due to the privacy features of them make an excellent choice for a bathroom window. They come in a super wide array of fabrics and patterns and can blend in with any decor you may have in your bathroom giving it a complete look. Best part of these blinds are that most places that sell them online will give you a sample of the fabric for simply just asking. This will give you the ability to see exactly what it’s going to look like.

Blackout Roman Blinds
Blackout Roman blinds tend to be a step up over the aforementioned. With a much more decorative appeal, they tend to look more like curtains only with the ease of use that you would normally find on window blinds being able to work them with the standard pulley system. These tend to have a better type of fabric in use and much more intricate in it’s operation. They can either lay flat or in overlapping folds that would give the blind a more “hobbled” look. Just like the blinds above, most reputable companies online will allow you to order samples to get that just right feel that you are going for.

Blackout Vertical Blinds
If you have a bathroom where these can become dirtier easier, say like a guest or kids bathroom. You might want to take a look into blackout vertical blinds as an alternative to curtains. These blinds are durable and one of the easiest to clean on the market today due to the large panels that run vertically instead of horizontally. Their track systems are generally better than other blinds as they are manufactured with much more reliable, heavy-duty parts due to the wear and tear they undergo through use. And believe it or not, they are not that expensive. You can get them in many different styles ranging from vinyl to fabrics to fauxwoods.

If you’re not interested in fluffy window treatments that look like bouquets of flowers have exploded all over your windows and just want a practical set of blinds that will keep you in the dark during any time of the day and safe from prying eyes, blackout window blinds are the right blinds for you. You won’t have to see daylight ever again if you don’t want to and nobody can see you in your birthday suit.

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