Buying Versus Making Bathroom Curtains

Although many people prefer to purchase new bathroom window curtains others like to make their own.  Both possibilities are fine but we wanted to go over some of the pros and cons for each.  If you want to install new curtains to breathe new life into an otherwise boring bathroom, the information will help you determine if buying or making bathroom curtains is the better choice for you.  Typically, the decision comes down to budget but also time.

For starters, buying new bathroom curtains saves time.  If you work a full-time job, travel often, or have children who require your time, then finding curtains online or in a local store may be the better choice.  With literally hundreds upon hundreds of options, you can find any color, style, size, texture, or design wanted so no matter the décor of the room or the overall style of the room, curtains purchased are a great option to consider.

Now, if you have a certain look you hope to achieve, one that is unique to most styles, then you may find it somewhat challenging to find the exact pair of curtains.  In this case, it may be worth the time to make your own.  This would allow you the chance to choose one or more fabrics, trim, tie-backs, and various embellishments.  Remember, you can create beautiful bathroom window curtains that look gorgeous but without investing a lot of time and effort simply by choosing an easy sew pattern.

Another advantage of buying bathroom curtains over making them is that some brands actually come with a warranty.  Although this would be for the higher end products, this would give you some protection.  In addition, some brands give you a certain number of days to make an exchange.  With this, if you were to purchase a particular color, style, texture, or design only to discover it does not coordinate with the overall scheme, you could switch the curtains out.

Now, an advantage of making your own bathroom curtains is having a sense of pride on a job well done.  After finding a pattern you like, choosing the appropriate material, and finding the right hardware, you would put it all together and then be able to stand back and admire your workmanship.  Without doubt, there is a sense of accomplishment that comes from making things for the home with the bathroom window curtains being no exception.

Finally, there is the issue of cost.  If you happen to be on a tight budget, as millions of Americans are, making your own curtains would typically be a more cost efficient solution.  This would allow you to shop for fabric and hardware on sale.  Although you may be able to come across an exceptional discount with store bought curtains, for the better quality product you would pay far more than it would cost you to make bathroom curtains.  In looking over all these pros and cons, you can determine the option that is going to serve you best.

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