Choosing Bathroom Curtain Hardware

When looking at bathroom windows, you immediately notice two things – the curtains themselves and the hardware.  The truth is that you could spend a fortune on new window treatments but unless you also purchase coordinating hardware specific to style and level of quality, the money is being wasted.  However, the opposite could be true with inexpensive curtains.  In other words, cheap hardware would take away from the look of expensive curtains whereas high dollar hardware would enhance the appearance of inexpensive curtains.  Even so, the goal should be to purchase the same caliber curtains and hardware so aesthetics of the room surpass your expectations.

Keep in mind that just as hardware plays a huge role in the appearance of bathroom window, hardware is also essential to the way the curtains function.  For instance, if the wrong size rod were used, the curtains may not hang right, taking away from the overall appearance.  In addition, the curtains may not cover the windows properly, which could leave gaps on the sides or bottom, which could create privacy issues or lessen the level of energy efficiency.  Therefore, just as you want to play close attention to the style and fabric chosen for the actual bathroom window curtains, you also want to buy appropriate hardware.

The first thing would be to learn what the different parts are for curtain hardware.  The finials are decorative ends that fit onto the rod.  Although finials are not required for functionality, they are beneficial by adding character and style.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of styles from which to choose.  In addition, finials come in a variety of sizes, as well as materials to include wood, metal, plastic, glass, iron, crystal, and more.  You can even find finials specific to a certain design or decorum.  As an example, if you chose to redo the bathroom with a beach theme, you should consider light and airy curtains and then consider seahorse, seashell, or some other finial design that coordinates.  Although the price would be higher, you could also have finials custom made.

Another aspect of bathroom curtains hardware is the brackets and screws.  Unfortunately, many people overlook the value that comes from choosing something that matches the rod.  As an example, if you were to choose a brushed nickel rod on which to hang new bathroom window curtains then the brackets and screws should also be made from brushed nickel or at least have a brushed nickel finish.  This small detail makes a huge difference in the overall look once the curtains have been hung.  If preferred, you could go with decorative brackets that enhance aesthetics even more.

Next, make sure whatever rod, brackets, and perhaps rings chosen are large enough and strong enough to accommodate the material.  For instance, if you chose bathroom curtains made of heavier fabric then a standard rod and other hardware may not work.  Now, depending on the style of bathroom window curtains chosen, they may or may not have hooks but if you go with a setup that does include hooks, remember to choose something made of a strong material and again, coordinate the material with the rod and bracket.

As you begin searching for new curtains but also the hardware to go along, you will feel the excitement as you being to realize the vast selection just waiting to be explored.  Bathroom curtains and hardware are sold at retail stores, discount stores, drapery stores, and of course, online.  In fact, often buying merchandise online gives you a better selection and lower prices.

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