Choosing Bathroom Curtains And Personal Design Style

If you were to ask most professional interior decorators and designers the key to creating an amazing room, one that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional, they would agree to the answer – using personal design style.  Interestingly, while people spend millions of dollars each year on upgrading and decorating the home, many are completely unaware they even have a style.  For every aspect of changing the bathroom, to include bathroom curtains, you should learn your personal design style so ultimately the room looks and feels exactly the way you want.

Simply put, your personal design style consists of colors, patterns, textures, and other elements that you enjoy most.  For instance, some people prefer a contemporary home, meaning they are minimalists who appreciate things with clean lines.  On the other hand, some people go with Shabby Chic, which includes airy, light colors and distressed furniture.  The bottom line is that when choosing bathroom window curtains, you want to make the decision using your personal design style.  Curtains can help anchor a room, add a pop of color, make a room look larger, and more.  Therefore, choosing the right curtains is actually a very important decision.

As you will see, you have a personal design style.  The information provided below could be used as a guide when buying or making new curtains.  That way, the entire has a look based on a design style of which you feel most comfortable.

•    Traditional – In this case, the curtains would have subtle patterns, symmetry, and clean lines

•    Casual – This personal design style is very relaxing, comfortable, and even tranquil.  The curtains should be a neutral color and made without much frill.

•    Contemporary – The curtains you would choose for this personal design style would also have clean lines but with more flair.  Often, colors and patterns are bold and curtain styles dramatic.  Even if you chose casual colors for the bathroom window curtains, they would be embellished or enhanced with unique hardware.

•    Country – The casual style includes vintage, antique, and charm.

•    Eclectic – In this case, your personal design style would dictate bathroom window curtains that coordinate but not something that matches 100%.  The goal would be to choose curtains with character.

•    Shabby Chic – Sometimes preferred to as the “Cottage Style”, your new bathroom curtains would be pastel or light colored, airy, and flowing to create a cozy feel to the room.

Each person likes something unique.  None of the personal design styles mentioned above are right or wrong, good or bad, simply choices based on personal likes.  To coordinate with the bathroom curtains, you would need to choose the appropriate colored wall paint, the right fixtures, flooring, lighting, and even accessories.   All of these items combined produce a gorgeous bathroom, one that you and all your guests love.  Remember, today’s bathrooms are more than they were years ago so while curtains may not seem important, they are, especially when they are chosen in coordination with your personal design style.

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