Choosing Bathroom Window Curtains

Not too many years ago, no one would have thought of putting curtains in their bathroom.  But these days privacy is paramount and the look of every room in the home is very important.  Bathroom curtains are ideally suited to these purposes, as long as they’re the right style.  There are many styles to pick from when choosing bathroom window curtains and with a few basic guidelines you will find the perfect ones for you.

Avoid long curtains for your bathroom.  While they may go great in the living room or family room, long curtains are not ideal for the bathroom.  This is probably the most important factor when choosing bathroom window curtains.  If the curtains touch the floor there is the chance they can get wet and then will mildew much quicker.  Also, there are a lot of germ ridden places in a bathroom and long, flowing curtains are the perfect place for that to collect but will be harder to clean.

Another important factor in choosing bathroom window curtains is the color.  The perfect curtains will compliment the other décor in your bathroom.  Exact colors are not necessary but the colors should not contrast each other.  Or, if you have a theme in your bathroom then you may want to consider curtains that match that theme.  One of the great things about window curtains is the variety in fabric you can find.  You could put teddy bears on your bathroom windows if it suited you.

Valances for Bathrooms

Valances for Bathrooms

Be sure that you pick an appropriate fabric for a bathroom when choosing your curtains.  For example, a fabric that is dry clean only is definitely not a good choice for a bathroom.  You’ll be running to the dry cleaners every weekend.  Bathrooms can be very damp and humid places, the fabric you pick when choosing bathroom window curtains should be suitable for these conditions.  Cotton is probably one of the best choices.  It is washable and is very durable even in damp or wet conditions.

Since most bathrooms are not very large, your curtains should now overwhelm and overpower the rest of the room and décor.  To avoid this you may want to consider only top half curtains.  Valances or swags are great examples of top half curtains that will look great in any bathroom or as a kitchen window treatment as well.  Picking top half only will not make your bathroom look any smaller than it already is and still add the privacy and style you’re looking for.

Careful choosing of your bathroom curtains will transform any ordinary bathroom into a beautiful retreat.  Keeping these few tips in mind will not only accomplish that but will save you a lot of the hassle of choosing curtains ill-suited for this purpose.

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