Common Mistakes When Buying Bathroom Curtains

While it might not seem as if buying new bathroom curtains would be that big a deal, surprisingly, mistakes are made all the time only to leave the homeowner unhappy.  The truth is that several mistakes are commonly made specific to bathroom window curtains but knowing what they are is the easiest way to avoid them.  The key when updating the bathroom is to have a clear vision of the outcome so the style, color, size, and pattern of the curtains enhances the rooms appearance rather than distract from it.  Of course, in addition to aesthetics, there is also the issue of functionality.

For starters, the most common mistake made is not taking accurate measurements of the window.  It is so important that you measure not once, not twice, but three times to make 100% certain the numbers are exact.  Then, you want to write the measurements down on paper all three times to ensure numbers have not accidentally been transposed.  Additionally, 1/8-inch needs to be added to the final measurement, always rounding up, not down.  This simple step will ensure you buy the exact size.  Keep in mind, you can take measurements on the inside or outside of the window casement depending on if you want the frame to show or not.

Bathroom Curtain MistakesAnother common mistake associated with bathroom window curtains is not purchasing the right fabric for the best privacy.  Even if risk of prying eyes were minimal, you want to make sure when in the bathroom you have the option of closing the curtains so no one can see in from the outside.  To do this, you would obviously need curtains made of material that is not sheer although if you prefer a sheer curtain you would need to install mini-blinds, shutters, or shades that could be pulled closed while the curtains themselves remain open.

Energy efficiency is also important.  In today’s economy, most people look for new ways to save money, one being with window treatments.  Because energy efficiency is such a big deal, finding bathroom curtains that have a thermal backing is actually easy and, the price is not much more than standard curtains.  With this, the hot afternoon sun or cold winter air would not seep inside the home.  That way, the interior of the bathroom remains comfortable without excess heat or air conditioning being lost.  As a result, you end up with gorgeous windows but also a lower monthly utility bill.

The last mistake we wanted to mention has to do with color and patterns of bathroom windows.  If you plan to have more than one pattern, make sure the background color is not only the same but the hue as well.  Then, if you want patterns, whether geometric, floral, motifs, and so on, keep the size small to medium so ultimately, your new bathroom window curtains do not overwhelm the room but complement the architectural features and other bathroom accessories.  The outcome would be a gorgeous room with the new bathroom curtains being the focal point.

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