Coordinating Bathroom Curtains with the Room Décor

Because the bathroom window is such an important element, it deserves the same attention as the rest of the room when making updates or remodeling.  Although you do not necessarily need to make everything match, you do want to make sure the bathroom window curtains coordinate with the rest of the room’s décor. 

The process to accomplish this is not difficult but there are tips that can make things go smoother and to help you make the right choices so when the new bathroom window curtains are hung, the room would look amazing. For one thing, although there is no written rule that long curtains, those going all the way to the floor, cannot be used in a bathroom but in most cases, shorter curtains are used. 

The choice depends on the look you want to achieve, as well as how much time and effort you want to put into keeping the curtains clean.  Since water can get on the floor after a bath or shower, and powder and other things on the floor, most people find shorter curtains are much easier to manage but it is a personal choice.

Coordinating Bathroom CurtainsWithout doubt, decorating bathroom is a fun endeavor.  You may already have some specific ideas in mind but if not, we recommend you spend a little time online or looking at magazines so when ready to start, you know the direction to take for buying accessories and bathroom window curtains. 

The great thing is that because the bathroom is now considered a main room in the home, you can choose literally anything wanted whether sophisticated, whimsical, classic, transitional, and so on.  However, having ideas will certainly make the process less complicated.

You will quickly discover you have far more colors, materials, patterns, and textures to choose from than even a few years before.  In addition, many bathroom window curtains on the market today are either organic or made from recycled materials in support of a healthy environment. 

Because the range of options is so broad, the biggest problem you will likely face is narrowing your choice down to just one style.  However, unless you plan on decorating your bathroom with whimsy or being eclectic, you will need to stick to one main color and/or pattern.

For starters, if you want to use several patterns in the bathroom, make sure the background color is the same.  In other words, if you decided to go with a blue, yellow, and white bathroom, you could choose a shower curtain with one pattern and curtains with another but make sure the background color is either blue, yellow, or white. 

Additionally, the color should be the same hue.  If you go this route, we recommend that the curtains have the larger pattern and the shower curtain a small pattern so they complement each other rather than compete.

Another recommendation when choosing bathroom window curtains to coordinate with the rest of the room is to play with textures if you plan to stick with a single color.  In this case, the texture could be raised dots, etching, or weaving. 

Because the colors would be a single color, you have more flexibility in mixing and matching textures.  Therefore, your curtains could have swirls and the shower curtain straight lines.  The great thing about textures fabric used for bathroom curtains is that there are so many unique choices.

Finally, consider patterns, which are divided into four groups to include floral, pictorial, motif, and geometric.  Floral bathroom curtains are the most common so the selection is much greater.  Typically, you want small to medium size flowers, adding a softer look to the room although if the bathroom was large and you liked a more dramatic appearance, larger floral curtains would work. 

Next, pictorial patterns can create a nice visual effect but make sure the design goes with the era or theme of the room.  For instance, if you chose curtains with prints of the Eiffel Tower and/or Leaning Tower of Pisa, then the rest of the bathroom should have an Italian look and feel in the various accessories and colors chosen.

For curtains with a motif, which would include abstract images as well, again depending on the specific motif, the rest of the bathroom décor should coordinate.  If the motif were a waterfall, then blue and green colors would work best. 

Finally, geometric shapes are often used in contemporary rooms.  Based on the design, the room could be created with a more sophisticated look or something whimsical so regardless of the bathroom window curtains purchased, keep other items in the bathroom on the same scale.

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