Customizing Bathroom Curtains With Stenciling

Most people never think of using stencils to dress up basic curtains but the results are incredible.  This is a great way to end up with customized curtains that are exactly what you want but while spending very little money.  Of course, there are many other ways to enhance the appearance of bathroom curtains but we wanted to show you just how great stencils are in giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

Although there are multiple ways to accomplish this, we suggest you start by purchasing a pair of quality bathroom curtains.  For this, you could choose white, off-white, yellow, sage green, sky blue, and other colors but the key is to buy fabric without any texture and preferably curtains made of cotton or a cotton and polyester blend.  That way, the stencils will stick better and stand out to make a lasting impression.

Of course, make sure you take proper measurements of the bathroom window first and then begin shopping.  You will also need to pick out hardware that compliments the curtains but also the stencils and the overall room decorum.  Once you have these purchases done, the fun begins as you shop for stencils to use.  The best place is any hobby store where you will find stencils of various sizes, styles, and designs.  Even quality stencils of medium size typically cost less than $5, making this a great cost efficient solution.

bathroom curtain stencilsAlong with the stencil or stencils, you would need craft paint.  Make sure to purchase paint specifically designed for stenciling but also fabric.  The reason is that stencil paint would absorb into the fabric of the bathroom curtains, becoming a part of the structure.  Because of this, once you finish stenciling the curtains you could machine wash them without the colors fading or the paint dissolving.  Therefore, you end up with beautiful and unique bathroom curtains that will last a long time.

In addition to the stencils and paint, you need special stencil brushes.  Of all expenses, these are probably the most but even then, they are not too costly.  These brushes have a blunt head since the paint is actually dabbed on inside the stencil.  The types of stencil brushes you buy would depend on the look you want to achieve.  If you plan to completely fill in the stencil design on the curtains then you need a wide brush but if you will only be dabbing around the edges or painting on very small stencil designs, then a smaller brush would work.  Additionally, if you will be using multiple colors, it would be best to buy one stencil brush for each color.

With the supplies in hand, the new bathroom curtains would be laid out flat, the stencil of choice taped on, and then the painting started.  To make sure you do not get any paint bleed when moving the stencil from one location on the curtains to another, have wipes handy, removing the paint before taping it back on the curtains.  Once all the stencils have been painted, you need to allow the curtains time to dry after which time they could be hung.  For ideas, you can search the internet or simply come up with a design of your own.

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