Customizing Your Bathroom Window Curtains

While your store bought, mass produced curtains are sure to be lovely you would hate to see them all over town.  Your bathroom window curtains should be customized to your look, your décor and your style.  There are a lot of very inexpensive ways to do so, and you might as well take advantage of it.

One easy way to make your curtains your own is to create a two-sided look.  That will make them absolutely stunning when open.  All you need to do is sew or otherwise secure two different colors or patterns of fabric together and hang them like normal bathroom curtains.  This is especially great with a country themed bathroom.  One side can be a nice plaid; the other can be a matching solid color.  It will be a very unique and customized look.

Country Bathroom Curtains

Country Bathroom Curtains

Another easy and inventive way of customizing curtains is by altering the trim.  For a more formal look, find a tasseled trim and sew that along the bottom edge.  Of a braided trim will give a far more simple but elegant look.  Another great way to alter the trim is to sew the trim along the inside edge of the curtains.  This would be the part of the curtains you will handle to open them.   If you are using a solid color curtain, a pattern ribbon used as the trim will give a very contrasting and interesting appearance to your bathroom window curtains.  If this curtain is for a children’s bathroom then perhaps a ribbon layered with a beaded trim will delight the little ones.  While this layered effect may be a bit too frilly for the boys, try just the beaded trim and forgo the ribbon.

One thing that most people would not think of when they are customizing curtains are using those old men’s ties they have lying around that never get worn.  Really, ties are the perfect way to create a unique and one of a kind curtain tieback.  All you need is a few ties in coordinating colors.  They don’t need to be exact colors, just colors that don’t contrast too heavily.  Simply get a simple metal craft ring and slide it down to the wide part of the tie, cutting off the excess.  Now braid the ties and secure it with another craft ring on the other side, and you have a perfect curtain tieback.  Even if you never intend to open and close the curtains, the tieback will add an elegant element to the room.  And using the ties is something you probably have around the house anyway and something that no one else would ever consider.

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