Easy Ideas For Embellishing Bathroom Curtain Windows

If you have bathroom window curtains you like but they need dressing up or you want to purchase new curtains but on a budget you realize you will likely need something simple, there are ways to embellish and thereby create an entirely new look.  Some of the options below you may have heard of but more than likely, there are some new ideas for you to consider.

The great thing about embellishing bathroom curtains is that there is no limit to possibilities.  Seriously, you can take any idea or dream and using hundreds of different items, bring it to fruition.  With embellishments, you can create something charming and quaint, curtains that have sophistication and elegance, or even whimsical curtains that would be perfect for a child or teenager’s bathroom.  All you need to do is determine the look wanted and then go from there.

Bathroom Curtain EmbelishmentFor starters, you could stitch a plastic strip onto the backside of the curtains on the inside or outside edges.  Then, with a buttonhole maker on your sewing machine, create holes the entire length of the curtains, placing them about every three inches.  When done, choose coordinating ribbon and begin intertwining the ribbon from the top down.  The result is a gorgeous pair of curtains that have a soft, feminine appeal.  However, for something neutral, you could choose a bold colored curtain along with a bold coordinating ribbon, perhaps black curtains with ribbon of red or rust.

Another way to embellish bathroom window curtains is with colored crystals, which can be purchased in choices of clear, opaque, and colors, both pastel and bold.  Using a hot glue gun, you can add a few or multiple crystals to any location on the curtains.  If wanted, you could also choose crystals that have a metal back and prongs that can simply be pushed through the bathroom curtain fabric and then attached.  Regardless, you could choose a random design or something in particular.  For example, using clear crystals and navy blue curtains, you could design a shooting star, great for a boy’s bathroom.

Of course, trim is also a great option.  You have a choice of thousands of possibilities from simple to elaborate.  Again, because you are in control, you can add the trim to the top, bottom, and or sides, or use it to design tie-backs or even a unique design.  The same would be true with lace.  For a girl’s bathroom, lace added to the outer edges of pink bathroom curtains and then stenciled on the main body would be beautiful and the ideal way of enhancing the bathroom.

Appliques are also great and again, with so many different options, these could be stitched into place or attached using hot glue.  You can even create a unique look by using door knobs.  For instance, instead of hanging a traditional curtain rod, you could choose ceramic or wood knobs attached to a board covered with fabric that coordinates with the curtain material.  Then with thick ribbon in another coordinating color, the curtains would be tied around the knobs.  The look is unique but also trendy.

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