Fun Bathroom Curtain Ideas for Teenagers

Even teenagers like a nice bathroom but of course, with a different look than the main bathroom in the home.  The good news is that there are so many amazing options today, some that are whimsical, some themed, and even some with a little sophistication for the more grown up teenager. 

Just as you would have an abundance of options for your own bathroom, you will quickly discover all the great choices for your teenagers.  We wanted to offer you just a few examples of what you may want to do to transform your child’s bathroom into something unique.  Remember, you can completely redo the entire room or even switch out the bathroom window curtains and see a huge difference.

A really popular idea when it comes to bathroom curtains for a teenager is called spaghetti curtains.  These curtains are light and airy, which allows a lot of natural sunlight into the room but being fringed they have a sense of fun.  You can find spaghetti bathroom curtains in a wide range of colors and patterns so whether your child is a girl or boy, an abundance of options exist.  These curtains coupled with a coordinating bathroom shower curtain and then matching rugs in the same primary color would look amazing.

Curtain ideas for teenagersTeenagers are also into geometric shapes so you could go with something abstract or choose bathroom window curtains designed with swirls, dots, or stripes.  In this case, be sure to choose curtains with a primary background color that your child would like and then use that same color for the other main items in the bathroom.  Then the coordinating colors in the curtains would be used for other things such as artwork, vases, toothbrush holder, and so on.  To complete the room, a whimsical light fixture would be ideal.

For something a little different, you might purchase bathroom curtains in a solid color and then let your teenager use stencils, sponges, and other decorating items to create a look that expresses his or her personality.  While you might think that only girls would enjoy a project such as this, you would be surprised at the number of boys who also enthusiastically want to make curtains that they personally find appealing.  For ideas, you can search the internet and then allow the teen to decide which type of project his or she is most interested in doing to create fun bathroom curtains.

Of course, most teens love bright and bold colors so even choosing tap top curtains in a primary color preferred would be great.  In this case, the hardware would play an important role in the overall change of the room, especially finials, which come in hundreds of options.  Again, you may ask your teen for his or her opinion.  Although most teenagers are out of “themed” bathroom curtains, there are some that are designed for the older child so again utilize the internet to see some of the new possibilities and enjoy creating a nice space.

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