Installing Bathroom Window Curtains

If you are taking the time to properly decorate and style your bathroom, you should go the extra step of installing proper bathroom window curtains as well.  The days of tacking up an old towel as curtains are over.  Investing the time and effort in proper curtain installation will pay off in the long run.  Following a few tips and tricks to installing your curtains will give you long-lasting beautiful curtains to accent your bathroom.

First, think about your bathroom window for a few minutes.  You can’t just drill a hole and place a curtain rod, calling it installation anymore than you can put a piece of plywood on wheels and call it a car.  The person who built your room did not simply put a hole in the wall, fill it with glass and that makes it a window.  It need support, so they have a very sturdy, small beam that runs along the top of the window.  This is called a header and it supports the window from the weight of the building.  You are supposed to drill your curtain rod directly into the header to give the bathroom window curtains proper support, but this is not always practical since you’re screwing into wood.  If you can mount the curtains in the header you certainly should.  It will be the easiest way and the preferred way of installing the curtains.  But there can be a few setbacks to this plan.

Installing Bathroom Curtains

Installing Bathroom Curtains

If your window has a wide trim, the header may actually be shorter than that trim.  But you can’t really destroy the look or your trim to get to the header.  But you also can’t drill into the drywall and hope it can support your curtains.  So this presents a dilemma in your bathroom window curtains experience.  If you can find a stud in the proper place, you can use that to mount your curtains.  But often there will not be one in the place you’re hoping for.  In this case you absolutely have to use hollow-wall anchors.  These will keep the screws from tearing out the drywall.

Positioning of your curtains is important.  Normally your window height will be about the same as your door height.  In that case, mount the curtains even with top of the window.  If your window is much lower than the door, the curtain will have a very heavy and depressing look.  In that case you will get the best look by raising the height of the curtains to provide more balance to the room.  Another bonus to this is that the higher you set the bathroom curtains the farther you can extend the width past the trim without it looking awkward.

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