Installing New Bathroom Window Curtains

The most important part of new bathroom window curtains is the installation.  Okay, most people think you simply pick a spot for the brackets, put the rod up, and then hang the curtains but in truth, this leads to an array of problems.  For one thing, you want your new curtains to look as if a professional had hung them, which in turn makes the entire room look amazing.  As you will see from the information in this article, installing new bathroom curtains is not a major undertaking but it does require following proper steps.

Remember, when the new bathroom curtains are hung right, not only do they look gorgeous but you also avoid damaging the walls or even window frames from putting the brackets up wrong.  In addition, instead of the curtains falling down or starting to become lopsided, proper installation would allow you to open and shut them daily without any movement.  In other words, doing the installation the right way improves appearance, reduces potential damage, and provides seamless functionality.

The most important thing is finding the header or wall stud through which the screw for the brackets would be inserted.  Typically, studs are evenly placed on either side of a bathroom window when the home is built but in older homes or in newer homes with a poor builder, this may not be the case.  Therefore, you may need to use hollow wall anchors.  You cannot drill directly into the drywall since this material is not designed to hold weight.  With an anchor, a tube made of plastic is inserted into the drywall and then into the plastic tube, the screw for the bracket inserted.  That way, if the studs are not evenly spaced, you can place the brackets so they are, regardless.

In most homes, the bathroom window height is the same as the door height.  Therefore, you would need to install the curtains so the top is even with the top of the window.  However, if your bathroom window happens to be lower than the door, simply adjust where the brackets would be installed so once the new bathroom window curtains are hung, they are even to the top of the door.  This creates a much more balanced and cohesive look, which helps pull the entire appearance of the room together.

Another thing to consider is that if the window is extremely narrow, you can create the illusion of width simply by inserting the brackets so they are drilled further out on the wall away from the window frame.  Again, once you hang your new bathroom window curtains, the fabric would extend much further out from the frame, immediately making the room look larger.  There are a number of secrets such as this that can enhance installing of bathroom curtains so if you have a “problem window”, do not worry as solutions are always available.

One last note is that if you have an old home whereby the walls are made of plaster, you will need to be extremely cautious when hanging brackets for your new curtains.  Since plaster is actually a very fragile material, a small drill would need to be used to drill a pilot hole, followed by using a slightly larger drill so you can get a plastic wall anchor inserted.  For a project such as this, make sure to take your time so you end up with a strong hold for the curtains but also no damage to the plaster wall.

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