Making Bathroom Window Curtains

If you love to sew and you have the time to do so, then you may want to consider making new bathroom window curtains rather than buy them.  In addition to having the opportunity to come up with a look that is unique to you, there is also a sense of accomplishment. 

Making your own bathroom curtains opens up tremendous doors of opportunities.  Because you are not limited to what stores have to offer, the sky is truly the limit.

Even if you are not an accomplished seamstress, with so many easy sew patterns on the market, there is no reason you cannot make your own bathroom window curtains.  As with any curtains, whether made or purchased, the number one priority is taking accurate measurements. 

That way, you can buy only the actual amount of material needed.  Of course, you would also need to buy hardware to include brackets and curtain rod, and then if you wanted to enhance the appearance of the curtains, embellishments of your choice.

Sewing machine making bathroom curtainsRemember, if you purchase the curtain pattern according to your skill level and you take your time during the process of making the bathroom curtains, you should have no problem whatsoever.  After measuring and then buying the appropriate amount of fabric, you would be ready to get started. 

Keep in mind that when buying fabric, always purchase two to three times the width measurement so you have full curtains when opened and full coverage when closed.  In addition, you want to buy nylon thread that will hold and thread in a color that matches the fabric.

While some people prewash fabric prior to making bathroom curtains, this is not necessary.  One benefit of not washing the material before sewing it is that when the curtains are done, they have a clean, crisp look and feel.  However, it would be worthwhile to iron the fabric.  That way, as you work with the chosen pattern, the lines would be straight and much easier to follow and sew. 

The material would then be laid flat and cut according to the measurements taken although you need to add one inch all the way around that would be used for hem allowance.  The only exception is that based on the rod diameter, you would also need to allow extra at the top so you can make a pocket that would slip onto the rod with ease.

With the material cut according to the pattern, you want to start by hemming all sides.  With the additional inch, fold it over and sew on the underside so your bathrooms would have a clean hem all the way around.  Again, iron the hems so they lay flat and are tightly in place. 

For the top pouch, you would again fold the extra material over, sewing it in place, so you end up with a perfect place to slip the rod when ready to hang.  After the bathroom curtains pieces have been sewn together according the pattern, again iron.  From there, you would slip the material over the rod using the created pocket and if wanted, add tie-backs or simply allow the curtains to hang naturally.

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