Making No-Sew Bathroom Window Curtains

Finding yourself on a budget but also in need of a bathroom update, you may think you have no options.  You decide to sew curtains to save money and get the look you want but you face one more challenge – you have no clue how to sew.  As you are about to discover, you can actually make fabulous bathroom curtains without every using a sewing machine or needle and thread but with giving up on beauty and quality.

As you can imagine, no-sew bathroom window curtains are a great way to save money and time while allowing you to make something great with pride.  Too often, people think with the curtains being sewn they must look cheap and fall apart quickly but nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, you can make no-sew bathroom curtains in a huge variety of styles so you are not forced to give up on the look you want.  However, some of the more popular styles for no-sew curtains include tablecloth curtains, draped valances, felt or fleece, and even sheet curtains, which we will explain.

Keep in mind that there are many other possibilities but we will focus on these for sake of example.  For starters, tablecloth curtains are bathroom curtains that are literally made from a tablecloth.  The advantage is that as you shop for the perfect tablecloth, you see the edges are all perfectly hemmed so that part of the process has been done for you.  In this case, you would literally purchase a tablecloth in the color and pattern wanted.  Since it would be used for the bathroom window, be sure to choose something small.  After installing the hardware, you could simply place the tablecloth curtain over the rod but if you wanted tabs or a pocket, you would need a simple needle and thread to create them.  From there, you could use strong adhesive or a glue gun to add trim, lace, ribbon, buttons, or other embellishments.

Draped valances are a great choice if your bathroom window has a shade, mini-blinds, or shutter.  All you would need is scarf material or even a pillowcase that has the look wanted.  As with the tablecloth curtains, you would simply drape the valance over the rod but if using scarf material, this could also be wrapped around the outer edges of the rod and then allowed to drape downward.  With felt or fleece, you gain several advantages for no-sew bathroom curtains.  For one thing, these materials are much denser, which means they help block out light but also provide privacy and help with cost efficiency.  Using a glue gun, you could take squares and then glue them together in a pattern you like.  Again, with needle and thread, you could create simple tabs that would be slid onto the curtain rod.

The last option is one that has been used for years and still remains a popular no-sew solution.  Sheets come in hundreds of different colors, textures, patterns, and even density levels.  If you wanted long curtains for the bathroom, you could make the tabs to slide onto the curtain rod and then taking matching pillowcases, preferably those with a fancy border on the end, you would create a valance.  When done, the curtains look as if they were store bought but only you would know the truth.

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