Making Your Own Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom window curtains are an excellent addition to any bathroom.  However, getting curtains made can be expensive.  There is no reason that with some simple sewing skills you can’t make your own bathroom curtains.

The first step in making bathroom window curtains is measuring your windows.  You need to measure lengthwise and widthwise.  Remember, when measuring length you are measuring the length you want your curtains to be.  It is always better to over measure.  It is very easy to shorten the curtains if they turn out too long, but it’s difficult, if not nearly impossible, to make them longer if you under measure.

Now decide what materials you want.  If people could see through your window, a heavier fabric is best.  If the windows are frosted, you can go with a lighter fabric.  Also choose the color of thread.  Ideally it should blend with your fabric as much as possible.  One important design factor to mention here is that you don’t want the thread to become an eye sore so choose an appropriate color so the thread does not draw your attention.

Bathroom Curtain Fabric

Bathroom Curtain Fabric

Pre-washing your material before you start is optional and a personal preference.  Most material is pre-washed anyway and not washing it will keep it crisper for sewing.  Whether you choose to pre-wash, you will need to iron the material.  Ironing will make it so that the sewing is easier and the lines will be neater.  Now lay the material on a flat surface, either the table or the floor for more room.  Measure it to your window’s specifications, remember to leave an extra inch on the bottom and an extra two inches on each side.  This is critical as you want the curtain to cover the window, not just fit in it. Also decide if you want a ruffle at the top or not and remember you will have to sew a slot for the curtain rod.  So you’ll need an inch for the rod, 2 inches for the ruffle and a quarter inch for a hem on the top.

If you’re not sure on the math just add a few extra inches to the top.  After cutting the material, fold and cut the panel length-wise and sew a quarter-inch hem on all sides.  Now fold the fabric of the two sides about an inch over and iron flat, then sew those sides.  Fold up the material from the bottom an inch and a half and iron before sewing the hems.  For the top, do the same process but fold over a larger amount of material. It’s a judgement call here so use your best. Sew a slot for the curtain rod and put it in place.  Sew two more lines, leaving enough material for the ruffle.  You should have 2 sew lines on top of your bathroom window curtains so that the material gathers when you put the curtain rod through it.  These few simple straight lines will make your curtains turn out beautiful all for just an afternoon of work.

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