Measuring Tips for Bathroom Window Curtains

The key to beautiful bathroom curtains starts with correct measurements.  Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes is people not measuring right and then purchasing or making curtains that once hung look horrible.  Even being off one-half inch can make a big difference in your new curtains looking professionally hung or sloppy.  Once you obtain the appropriate measurements, you would then have the information needed to buy curtains that will fit perfectly.  The outcome is a gorgeous look that helps transform the appearance of the entire room.

Before anything, get a piece of paper, pencil, and measuring tape.  Keep in mind that you want a flexible tape opposed to a rule or yardstick.  If wanted, you can print out an actual measuring guide or simply write down exact numbers as you take them.  It is also important that you measure all the windows in the bathroom.  Even if they look to be the same size or are supposed to be the same size, they could be off enough to matter.

Then, make sure the measurements are for the look wanted.  In other words, if you want to install the brackets on the inside of the frame then you would measure on the inside but if you wanted the brackets to be installed on the outside of the frame, the measurements would need to be taken on the outside.  You also want to round the measurements taken to the nearest 1/8-inch, always rounding up, not down.  Following these guidelines, the next step is to get the numbers.

Now, if you plan to install the brackets on the inside of the frame, you could measure using the length on the inside of the casement or if preferred, the outside of the casement, as well as from the top of the casement to the desire length, whether short or long.  If you want to install panels, it would be important to know they come in lengths from 45 to 95 inches although 84 inches is considered standard.  However, if you want shorter curtains, the option that usually looks best in bathroom, measure to just below the bottom frame.  For width, measurements would be taken from within the window frame.

If you prefer to install the brackets on the outside of the frame, then you would still take the measurements from the top of the frame to the desired length, again remembering to round up to the nearest 1/8-inch.  However, in this case the measurements for width would be taken from the outside of the bathroom window frame.  By using measurements for your new bathroom window curtains on the inside of the frame, once the curtains are hung, the frame would show whereas using measurements on the outside, the bathroom curtains would hide the frame.  One other important note is that even if you think you got the numbers right for each bathroom window, we strongly suggest you take them three times to be 100% certain.

Just a few other things to consider is that if you decide to hang long bathroom curtains, the bottom of the panels should be one-inch off the floor.  In addition, be sure short or long curtain panels are two to three times the actual width measurement.  In other words, if the window measured 32 inches, you need to buy curtains that are 64 to 96 inches wide, which is what provide enough material to close the curtains but then when open, have beautiful pleating.  Finally, if the window is narrow, you can create a wider look simply by hanging the curtain hardware three to four inches beyond the frame so ultimately more curtain material would be spread over the window area.

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