No-Sew Bathroom Window Curtains

If you have no time or talent for sewing but want your own custom bathroom window curtains, there is no need to call your mom or aunt or someone with a sewing machine.  In just a few minutes you can create your very own curtain valance with no sewing involved.

First you should gather all your supplies so that your bathroom window curtains project can be completed in the quickest time possible.  You will need: scissors, a ruler, fusible webbing tape, an iron and ironing board, a hot glue gun, and cloth napkins.  The number of the cloth napkins will be determined by how large the window is.  Now measure your window from the outside of the frame to the outside of the other side of the frame.  You should have a curtain rod purchased for that width.  Lay the cloth napkins over the curtain rod.  How much you want them to overlap is entirely up to you and will determine how many you need.

The pattern you want is an overlapping diamond pattern.  Place the napkins on your working table and get them set up the way you want.  Once they are in the position you want them, place the curtain rod over the top of them.  If you are making a pocket for the valance then simple fold the napkins over the curtain rod.  When secured, this will allow the curtain rod to slide in place very easily.

Be sure that you leave some room for the webbing tape by placing the edge of the tape under the fold of the napkin.  By temporarily placing the tape it will allow you to test whether there is sufficient room for the curtain rod to slide.  If you need to, you can adjust the size of the pocket until its perfect.  Now that you know the placement of your tape, measure the area that needs to be fused.  You want to cut the pieces of webbing tape to match the measurements of your napkins.  This way the overlapping area will be just as securely fused together as the rest of it.  In total you will likely have 7 or 8 pieces of webbing tape, all of equal length.

If you want to accent the valance by decorating the points of the napkins, you need to place those items now.  Buttons or small gems are a very nice addition to your curtain valance.  Use a hot glue gun to put the decorations in place, being careful not to burn yourself.  Ideally, this project should involve no personal injury.  Now all you have to do is slide your curtain rod into place and you are ready to hang your brand new valance.  It can be almost guaranteed that no one else on the block will have seen bathroom window curtains like it.

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