Popular Bathroom Curtain Patterns

If you have not shopped for new bathroom curtains for some time, you may feel a little overwhelmed once you realize all the options, especially when it comes to patterns,  Today, many bathroom curtains have a designer look, which allows homeowners to create unique rooms that even a few years ago would have been hard to do.  Although there are way too many possibilities to mention in a single article, you will see from some of the patterns we listed just what the market offers.  In fact, buying new bathroom curtains has never been as fun as it is today.

One pattern in particular that is not only fun but also has a sense of style is bathroom curtains with waves.  The great thing about vertical waves is that they come in a huge variety of colors, as well as widths.  Therefore, depending on the color and width of the waves chosen, the curtains take on an entirely different looks.  For instance, white curtains with a broad hot pink wave would be gorgeous for a little girl’s bathroom whereas white curtains with a thinner black wave would be ideal for an adult’s bathroom, one with sophistication.

Another popular choice of bathroom curtains is dots.  Of course, you can choose from more standard designs but you will also find some contemporary options.  In this case, you might choose a white bathroom curtain with neon green dots or a red curtain with white dots.  In either case, the curtains have a more modern look that can completely transform an outdated bathroom into one that is fresh, fun, and even a little elegant.  IN addition to bathroom curtains that feature a single color dot, you will also find those with two, three, four, or even more colors for a more dramatic look.

Blocked bathroom curtains have been popular for some time but now, the market has designs with a different twist.  For instance, to bring some color into the bathroom, you could choose tap top curtains that have see-through blocks of varying colors of purple, pink, teal green and light orange.  These have a fresh look and when installed with white mini-blinds or even shades, they look great.  Blocked bathroom curtains with this type of pattern would be great for a teenager’s room or even a bathroom with a shabby chic decorum.

The two colored panel look for the bathroom coupled with a beautiful coordinating scarf is also nice.  For instance, if you had a beach home or you simply wanted to create a space that is relaxing and tranquil, you could hang white panels on the outside with canary yellow or sage green panels on the inside.  Then for the scarf, choose a soft floral design that pulls in the yellow and/or green with a hint of blue.  Be sure to choose the right rod in this case, one that showcases the entire look.

The last option we wanted to mention for bathroom curtains based on popular patterns is actual lace.  A scalloped lace valance installed over plantation shutters is divine.  However, in addition to the lace bathroom curtain, you would tie bows in the center of the valance to enhance the feminine look.  Then, whatever color of bow chosen would be the color you bring into the room as the primary color.  This is a beautiful option that works well with many styles.

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