Popular Trends In Bathroom Window Curtains

Hanging new bathroom curtains is more exciting than ever before.  Today, the market is flooded with thousands of options to include style, color, texture, fabric, patterns, and more, with current trends being exceptional.  Every year, different trends develop and while you may prefer to do your own thing, it is fun to see what the most popular options are.  Because trends for bathroom window curtains are incredible this year, we wanted to share some of the more popular options.  Keep in mind, along with choosing one of the trends mentioned or perhaps something else, you could also use the trend as a foundation on which to come up with your own ideas

The bottom line is that for bathroom window curtains there are no limitations, even when choosing one of the most popular trends.  As you will see from the information listed below, opportunities are in abundance this year, which makes it exciting and fun to create an entirely different look for the bathroom window.

•    Elegance – Because the bathroom is no longer “just a room”, more and more people are creating an elegant space, one that looks and feels rich and luxurious.  To accommodate this new demand, window bathroom curtains have been created that add class.  To get this look, the first thing is to avoid using long curtains, a mistake that many people make.  In addition, avoid curtains that cover the entire window opting instead for long valances.  One of the top trends is a long pleated, scalloped valance with tassels.  The look is clean, refreshing, and very elegant, especially when going with certain colors to include cream, sage green, and other softer colors.

•    Traditional – A traditional bathroom décor is still very popular but with an updated twist.  In this case, you would choose bathroom window curtains that cover just below the bottom frame but then add a Roman shade or white vinyl mini-blinds.  With a traditional look, you would have more options for color and patterns but the goal would be to keep things relatively simple.

•    Vibrant and Whimsical – Many people still like themed bathrooms but instead of everything being perfectly matched, you would choose curtains that become the room’s focal point.  In this case, jazzed up curtains against an off-white wall is gorgeous but also fun.  The current trend is to avoid patterns such as fish, seashells, or other themed materials, choosing instead multicolored curtains with geometric shapes.

•    Dots – Polka dots are hot right now, especially for bathroom window curtains and shower curtains.  However, the key is choosing dots of richer colors.  In other words, rather than choose more traditional dots, look for curtains or if making your own curtains, fabric that consists of dots of several colors but those within the same color scheme.  Another option would be choosing curtains of one primary color that features coordinating colors randomly placed.  The nice thing about this trend is that the color of the dots could be pulled into the bathroom in various accessories.  Let us say the primary color of the curtains was brown but the dots were three different shades of green, you could use those three shades for a trashcan, silk flowers, etc.  You could even choose a solid brown shower curtain and then add trim of one of the green colors.

•    Children – We also see a hot trend whereby a children’s bathroom is designed to be appealing to everyone but especially great for the kids.  One example would be curtains with blocks of several different colors, with each block depicting a different silhouette.  For boys, this could be fire trucks, race cars, baseballs, etc.  For girls, the silhouettes could be dolls, teddy bears, ballet shoes, and so on.

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