Popular Types of Bathroom Window Curtains

Although there are many different options for curtains, we wanted to provide information pertaining to the most popular types of bathroom window curtains.  As you look over the various options, you may very well find something that appeals to you but if not, remember you have many other possibilities.  However, this list of popular choices exists for a reason.  These curtains are typically the types that look best in bathrooms, which is why they have withstood the test of time.

Pinch Pleated Curtains•    Pinch Pleated Bathroom Curtains – If you have a traditional style bathroom, then you would probably prefer pinch pleated curtains.  These curtains are made with permanent pleats, which have actually been stitched into place so even when washed, the pleats never come out.  When shopping for curtains of this type, we suggest you look for those that not only have the pleats stitched but also professionally pressed.  Although you can find a few pinch pleat bathroom curtains designed so the pleats only occur toward the top, most often the pleats run the full length of the curtains for a more cohesive loo.

•    Grommet Top Curtains – In this case, the curtains have been made with grommets at the top, which are large.  Because of this, the curtain rod simply slips through the grommet and then placed onto the brackets.  Grommet top bathroom window curtains are often one color and while somewhat simplistic in style, they have a modern twist that is very attractive.

•    Flowing Curtains – Typically, flowing bathroom curtains are used for casual or traditional bathrooms.  These curtains are usually made from a flowing polyester blend that creates a light and airy look.  Rather than fit over a rod as with other types of bathroom curtains, flowing curtains usually drape over the rod.  Again, these curtains are simple yet they add a touch of charm and elegance.

•    Rod Pocket Curtains – If you want to create a more formal and sophisticated look in your bathroom, rod pocket curtains are an ideal solution.  For these curtains, a pocket of material has been created at that top through which the rod fits.  If wanted, you can purchase rod pocket curtains that have an additional two to three inches of material above the pocket so when pulled open, they have a great look.

•    Tab Top Curtains – The last option we wanted to mention is the tab top bathroom window curtains.  In this case, the design consists of looped tabs of material spaced about every two to four inches apart instead of a pocket.  The curtain rod would simply slip through each tab, which gives the bathroom window a trendy yet casual look.  In addition, tab top curtains are often a popular choice for people who prefer to make bathroom curtains opposed to buying them because they are relatively easy to make.

As mentioned, you have far more options than those mentioned above but these are the ones that are commonly used.  Because these curtains work with so many room styles, they are in fact timeless.

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