Rods for Bathroom Window Curtains

Finding the right curtain rod is the finishing touch on any style of bathroom window curtains. Like anything else, picking the perfect curtain rod can be a little overwhelming. But knowing your options and how to pair your curtains with the curtain rod will save you a lot of time later.

Really, you only have a few decisions to make with curtain rods. There are basic and decorative curtain rods. Basic ones are either plain wood or a cheap metal like aluminum. Decorative of designative curtains rods are also either wood or metal but are embellished with more design features and are designed toward being seen. Expectations on these curtain rods can extend to really stylish finishes like solid redwood or brushed metal with some really neat ornamental finials on the ends. I’ve even seen some finials in block-like stainless steel in heart like shapes that really caught the eye. Finials wouldn’t be the only shape to consider as you can even find the rods themselves to be square or twisted. There are a number of materials that curtain rods are made with including bamboo, wood or wrought iron. When making this determination keep in mind the room you are working in. You are picking rods for bathroom window curtains; the curtain rods will probably spend a good deal of time being damp and wet. Even the most decorative wood would be susceptible to warping, so they are not the best choice for this room. Some kind of durable metal is what you are looking for.

Decorative Curtain Rod

Decorative Curtain Rod

You also need to consider what kind of bathroom window curtains you are using before you buy curtain rods. There are double and triple curtain rods, which allow you to layer your curtains for a more textured look. These are fine for a bathroom if you’re using a very thin curtain material. But for heavier materials, they will hold moisture better and wouldn’t be suitable for bathroom use. Tension curtain rods are the easiest to use since they have a spring mechanism in them that allows the rod to lock into place after the curtains are slid into place. These curtain rods are not the most attractive or the most decorative, so they usually work best with pocket type curtains that expose minimal amounts of the curtain rod.

If you are using very light and thin curtain materials, magnetic curtain rods could save you a lot of hassle with installing curtain rod brackets. Now, keep in mind that this only works with metal window frames. Basically they have strong magnets at each end of the rod that can then attach to the metal window frame and keep the curtain rod in place. This is also a nice style since they are very easily adjusted. Just pull the magnet free, make your adjustment and slide it back into place.

Traverse curtain rods are ideal with pinch-pleated and sheer curtains. They enable you to open and close the curtains with a cord. This will give your bathroom curtains a very elegant and traditional look. This is especially good if you’re using very intricate and complex designs elements in your bathroom décor. This will add to that complexity and accent the rest of the room beautifully.

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