Tab Top Curtains To Complete Your Bathroom

Tab top curtains can make any room in the home look great. This is especially true when implemented as bathroom window curtains as you have some great little alternatives and twists that you could do with them. But first, what are they? These curtains are typically simple straightforward but elegant panel curtains that are hung on curtain poles through their tabs on the top of the curtains. You can find these in your local stores in both the lined and sheer variety, but since we are talking about the bathroom here, you’re probably going to want to stick to the lined tab top curtains for privacy concerns.

You can really create some dramatic and unique looks using a tab top curtain simply by what you use to hang them. Since they hang from poles, you have a lot of choices to choose from. From wooden poles to metal, just pick the style that suits you. Personally I like the designs better of the wooden poles than the metal ones although they are nice as well. Tab top curtains actually let the pole elements come thru. Whether you are using a solid, or twisted and grooved pole, these will show. Just imagine a quality hand crafted solid wood curtain pole that adds that touch of class. Add on the extra addtion of the decorative finials to the end and you can create a dramatic presence protruding from your bathroom window.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains

One of the things that I really like about tab top curtains is that they can allow you to really tie in the shower curtain as well to the overall bathroom design. There are a ton of options to choose from when you go looking at shower curtains to match your decor. But what happens if you can’t find that just right look? Being able to use tab top curtains as a shower curtain really helps and solidifies the overall look of your bathroom and you can ensure that it all ties in by being able to use the exact same curtains on your window and your shower, not to mention a little bit more of a formal look depending on what curtains you choose.

This is really easy to do actually. First, you are going to want to hang two shower rods across the top of the shower. Make sure that the second one is a little offset from the first one, on the outside of the first one and a little bit higher. Use your judgement here. For the inside shower curtain rod, hang a very plain, white shower liner. This will keep the tab top curtain from getting wet on the outside. On the outside shower rod, hang a stunning blue tab top curtain. I like the blues, especially in the case of bathrooms. Of course this one will likely be longer than the one hanging on the window, but would be of the exact same material and design. That’s what ties it all in.

Because of their versatility and uniqueness, you can really create a stunning picture in your bathroom using tab top curtains.

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