The Right Way to Mix Bathroom Curtain Colors and Patterns

Have you ever wondered how some bathrooms look as if they were designed by an expensive decorator only to find out the homeowner did all the work?  You know the bathrooms that have a beautiful blend of patterns and colors yet everything seems to pull together perfectly?  Well, you too can achieve the same look for your bathroom simply by learning secrets from experts in the field, which is what we will cover in this article.

Well, that flawless look is not just happenstance but based on very specific formulas that some of the best designers in the world.  With this knowledge, you have the ability to create a gorgeous bathroom with flair but also one that represents your personality and personal style.  No matter what you like, whether it is floral, stripe, dots, animal prints, or something else, you can pull an amazing bathroom together from the bathroom window all the way through each accessory.

Bathroom Curtain Colors

The real secret to these amazing bathrooms starts with the fabric and builds from there.  In other words, you should actually choose bathroom window curtains and shower curtain as the foundation on which to build the rest of the room.  From there, you would take the bathroom curtain colors and patterns, marrying them into everything else in the room.  Keep in mind that you need to have a willingness to try various combination’s.  Too often, people shy away from mixing colors and patterns and while it does take time to get it right, you will quickly see what you do and do not like.

Just be careful that whatever primary color you chose does not end up overwhelming the bathroom.  For instance, if you chose bathroom window curtains where the primary color was blue, you want to be cautious in using too much blue.  A good rule to follow is that between 60% of the room should display the primary color chosen with the other colors being used to coordinate and balance.  Now, if your bathroom has white floors and white walls that would account for most of the 60%.  Therefore, as you start the process with fabric, you want to make sure the primary color is another key piece, which would then be followed by introducing other colors and even hues.

As far as accent pieces, which would include artwork and flowers, they would be a part of the other color or colors that represent the 40% but within that, you need a pop of color.  In other words, 60% of the bathroom is your primary color, 30% is your secondary color or colors, and 10% is pop.  To pull the colors out of the bathroom window curtains and shower curtains, the accent and pop color would coordinate but these should be seen in just three to four pieces, meaning you do not want the room to end up cluttered in appearance.

Finally, if the bathroom has furniture, make sure to choose one, neutral color.  This could be whatever you like, brown, natural wood, white, cream, green, black, etc.  By the time you have your new bathroom window curtains on the wall, and your accessories and accents chosen, all the colors would be perfectly balanced.  Then for patterns, you can mix and match if you like, as long as you stick with the percentages of color.

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