Tips For Hanging Bathroom Window Curtains

Sure, some people estimate the wise of bathroom curtains needed, as well as purchase virtually any hardware, the outcome would be having window coverings that look so-so.  You deserve better than that and by following a few simple tips for hanging curtains the right way, the room would look amazing.  Years ago, the bathroom was simply a functional place in the home but today, many bathrooms have become private oasis, places to retreat and relax.  Therefore, you want to make sure every aspect is right, even the window curtains.

Hanging Bathroom Curtains TipsThe truth is that you can improve the finished look of your bathroom windows simply by following a few easy tips.  For one thing, if the window in your bathroom is very small, you can actually make it appear larger.  For this, when you hang the curtain rod make sure the pole or rod expends beyond the window frame.  Just a six inch extension on either side of the bathroom window would add a foot to the appearance. The same concept would apply if the room has a short ceiling.  By hanging the curtain hardware four inches above the window frame, immediately height has been added to the room.

Another helpful tip when hanging bathroom window curtains has to do with finishes.  Choosing a deep, rich color coupled with a brushed pewter or bronze finish for hardware would immediately make the room look elegant.  On the other hand, choosing curtains with a softer color and texture would create an understated look for a more casual decorum.  Then for a contemporary style room, patterns, colors, and textures can create a cohesive look with clean lines but also pops of color.  A good rule to follow is that for a cozier room, go with warm colored curtains such as gold, burgundy, brown, etc.  Cool colors are perfect for modern bathrooms to include silver, light blue and even lighter shades of yellow.

Another hanging tip for bathroom window curtains is whether to choose a wooden rod or metal pole.  Remember, both work exceptionally well and both options come in different finishes, styles, and sizes.  However, wooden poles and metal poles also have distinct characteristics.  If you decide to go with wood, make sure you choose a type of wood or stain that coordinates with other wood in the room such as any bathroom furniture, vanities, floors, and even trim. Wooden poles are highly versatile and they work with all bathroom styles.  For metal poles, based on the type of metal and the finish, you could achieve a modern or traditional appearance.  Just as with the wooden poles, when using metal rods to hang bathroom curtains, be sure you choose something that goes with the bathroom fixtures.

For brackets, these should always be the size needed to support the weight of the curtains.  If the window were large or if you decided to go with heavier fabric for the curtains, you want to hang one bracket on each end and another in the center for proper support.  That way, the bathroom curtains would hang beautifully.  Additionally, make sure the metal and finish of the bracket matches the pole or rod.  The last thing is the finials, which are the decorative ends on the pole or rod.  These come in a huge range of styles and materials and are chosen not only to enhance the bathroom curtains but also on personal preference.

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