Toile Bathroom Curtains For Class and Sophistication

For some reason, when it comes time to purchase or even make new bathroom curtains, most people lean toward the more traditional style.  Of course, the market is loaded with a wonderful selection of new designs, colors, textures, and fabrics but one that is often completely overlooked is toile.  This is unfortunate since toile bathroom curtains are actually gorgeous and an ideal choice for creating a bathroom with class and sophistication.

Today, it is common to find homes with bathrooms that have a sense of elegance.  With this room now being considered the second most important room in the home only second to the kitchen, people are putting in more time and effort into the look but also performance. 

As a part of this transformation, the curtains need to be a major component.  Since the window is often one of the first things noticed in any room, hanging bathroom window curtains that would offer the aesthetics wanted is also important.

Black and White Toile CurtainsToile is actually an older fabric but one that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years.  When first developed in France in 1760, it was received with rave reviews but at that time, it was only available in a few shades, most commonly black and white. 

While traditional shades are still popular, you can now find virtually any shade wanted, as well as modifications to the actual toile design.  Because of this, toile bathroom curtains make an excellent choice in that they add sophistication regardless of the style of the room.

For example, if you wanted a contemporary bathroom but one that was still elegant, red and white toile bathroom curtains would look gorgeous.  If you wanted to create a more traditional French look, again keeping with the elegant decorum, then you could go with black and white. 

Even a country style bathroom would benefit from toile since colors come in yellow, green, blue, and gray.  With the right accessories, the room would be stunning upon completion.  Now, because toile bathroom curtains are somewhat “busy”, you want to be careful when choosing other items for the bathroom.

Going with the contemporary style bathroom, along with hanging new red and white toile curtains, you could choose a luxurious textured shower curtain with a small amount of red trim, choose solid white or solid red rugs, and then add silk flowers of red, white, black, with one other color for a nice splash. 

You can look online to get hundreds of ideas for colors and color combination’s specific to using toile bathroom window curtains or even browse through decorating books.  The possibilities are limited only by your creation and the outcome would be a bathroom that is elegant just as you wanted.

One last note is that some people think toile curtains are expensive.  While there are some of the high-end brands that are, you can find a nice selection of top brands that are not expensive.  The key is to shop around so you can see not only the various options for toile curtains but also find those sold in your price range.

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