Toile Fabric for Beautiful Bathroom Curtains

Toile fabric is something that can really make a splash when used as a bathroom curtain. They are called toile due to the intricate patterns repeated on the solid backgrounds, that’s where they get their name. Toile really doesn’t mean anything more than cloth in French but the term has stuck because it was really first introduced a long time ago in France. The patterns are typically either floral in nature or very themed ranging from old time scenic settings to very detailed pastoral scenes. The great part about using these type of curtains in the bathroom is that the entire bathroom doesn’t have to be “toile” themed and they can bring life to that boring bathroom wall.

Let’s get into the details a little more on toile fabrics. First thing is the background has to be a solid conitinous color. These are typically very natural in appearance but don’t have to necessarily be drab. They often come in much darker solid colors. Now on to the prints. The prints themeselves are typically monochrome but can also be multicolored. If you are trying to keep that antique look rolling though, stick with the monochrome. The key is that the prints and the background need to be contrasting and that’s what makes these curtains pop. If the background is dark, the toile print should be in a strong contrasting light color (typically a very lighter shade of the background). If the background is light, the toile print needs to be a strong contrasting dark color (typically in the same shade). Using these fabrics in the bathroom, depending on what type of print you select, can bring either a good comforting feeling in a very casual atmosphere or let you bathe in the lap of luxury with an elegant appeal.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can make these curtains quite easily by simply buying the fabric from a local store or online. Don’t get confused though as you might here them called a couple of things. If you look around online you will want to be looking for either Toile fabric or Toile de Jouy Fabric. Some just keep the whole “de Jouy” part because of where it was originally made, in a little village just southwest of Paris in a factory named Jouy-en-Josas. There were other manufacturers that came along around that time but this was their birthplace.

Toile Fabric

Toile Fabric

Pink toile fabric is something that’s certainly in style. Using this in your bathroom as a curtain can add some peace and tranquility and really let you unwind after a long hard day, or possibly start the day in a very calming fashion. The Jamestown baby pink fabric depicts a scene straight out of the countryside where a family is softly relaxing in their old world style.

If you are looking for something with a little more stature and poise you could go with a blue toile fabric. These can really make a statement in the right bathroom. If you choose to go with the solid blue background with a statuesque print for the foreground, this can really depict a sense of style and masculinity in a larger bathroom. If your bathroom is a bit smaller but you want something distinct to hang as curtains, you could go the opposite with a creme or white colored background and a stronger blue print as the toile like the Jamestown Blue Toile fabric.

There are many different variations to this french toile fabric so if you are just starting to look around and you see some that don’t really catch your eye, keep looking. Pink and blue are certainly some of the more popular colors to be used in bathrooms, but don’t stop there as toile fabrics are made with many, many different designs and colors so you could definitely find something that would fit the design theme you have going for your relaxation moments in your private bathroom.

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