Transforming The Bathroom With New Curtains

Are you tired of your current bathroom, eager to make a change but not sure what to do?  Something as simple as new bathroom window curtains can help you transform a boring and drab bathroom into anything you want.  In this article, we have provided a couple of examples of what new curtains can do.  However, remember there are literally hundreds of opportunities but hopefully, these examples will inspire you to find the look you ultimately want to achieve.

For the first example, you might consider changing an outdated bathroom into your own tropical oasis.  For this, it all comes down to color and texture.  We suggest you choose a sky blue wall paint, shower curtain of light blue, navy blue, cream, and small splashes of yellow, and then bamboo accessories to bring it all together.  For the window, white plantation shutters with light blue sheers over top would be gorgeous while creating an airy feel.  To enhance the look, you could find similar fabric to the shower curtain to add trim or create tie-backs.

Another example would be creating a bathroom with Shabby Chic decorum.  Although Shabby Chic was highly popular in the 1980s, it has once again grown in popularity, known for being charming and comfortable.  In this case, pastel colors are used, primarily greens, blues, and yellows.  If you were to use any bathroom furniture, is should be distressed and medicine cabinets of white metal are ideal.  As far as bathroom window curtains, a thick white or sage green cotton would be recommended.  However, to support the Shabby Chic style, you could choose a nice textured fabric for both curtains and shower curtain.

The transitional style is another great option, which features deep, rich colors.  Remember, there are hundreds of options for each of the styles mentioned but in the case of transition, you might consider a solid brown shower curtain with small geometric designs of yellow and rust.  As far as accessories, copper or brushed nickel would be perfect along with solid brown rugs.  You would also need to bring in items of yellow and rust to pull the colors from the shower curtain.  Then for the curtains, brown with rust blocks would be gorgeous.  This would give the room a more modern look but also provide the richness that comes from the transitional style.

One last example we wanted to provide is traditional.  We recommend you choose a light yellow for the walls, and a deeper yellow for the rugs.  If the bathroom does not already have crown molding, this could be added in solid white, choosing a thickness to coordinate with the ceiling height.  As far as the shower curtain, solid white with yellow trim or white with yellow dots would work and for the new bathroom window curtains, the same deeper yellow used in the rugs.  Then for accessories, you want to pull in greens and lavenders, whether in the form of artwork, flowers, or ceramic vases.

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