Bathroom Curtains, Dealing With Mold and Mildew Problems

The two rooms in the home that are at greatest risk for problems of mold and mildew are the kitchen and bathroom.  Both rooms are prone to problems because of the high level of moisture.  While the kitchen is one room, the bathroom tends to be at greatest risk. Between moisture coming from hot>> Read more

Tips For Buying the Right Shower Curtain and Accessories

Many people give little, if any thought when buying a new shower curtain only to realize perhaps they should have when in no time, the product purchased falls apart.  If you are in the market for a new shower curtain, today’s market offers a full range of styles, designs, colors, and prices, but>> Read more

Bathroom Curtains Or Blinds – Too Hard To Decide?

Are you currently facing a situation where you are trying to decide whether or not to use just bathroom curtains or a fancy blind in your special little room? Worried about whether or not you’ll be giving up some privacy if you choose one over the other? Or maybe you’ve just always heard that>> Read more

Blackout Blinds – Alternative To Bathroom Curtains

Have you ever spent the night in a hotel or on a cruise ship and woken up in pure darkness thinking that it was still the middle of the night? That’s a nice feeling isn’t it? Transfer that same feeling to your bathroom. The only bad thing about going into a totally dark bathroom first thing in>> Read more

Curtain Rods For Any Room

Curtain rods are to curtains like gas is to automobiles. If you don’t have any gas, you’re not going anywhere in the car. If you don’t have curtain rods, you’re not going to hang any curtains. So that kind of makes it a basic necessity for putting curtains in your bathroom is to have the rods to>> Read more

Installing Bathroom Window Curtains Part 2

In the first part of installing bathroom window curtains, you managed to identify and overcome. Now we can assume that you’ve discovered the correct placement of the mounting brackets for your curtains and are ready to install them. You should position your bathroom curtain mounting brackets>> Read more

Tab Top Curtains To Complete Your Bathroom

Tab top curtains can make any room in the home look great. This is especially true when implemented as bathroom window curtains as you have some great little alternatives and twists that you could do with them. But first, what are they? These curtains are typically simple straightforward but>> Read more

Toile Fabric for Beautiful Bathroom Curtains

Toile fabric is something that can really make a splash when used as a bathroom curtain. They are called toile due to the intricate patterns repeated on the solid backgrounds, that’s where they get their name. Toile really doesn’t mean anything more than cloth in French but the term has stuck>> Read more

Bay Window Curtains

One of the most desirable windows you could have in your home is a bay window, and if you’re lucky enough to have one in your bathroom, you could have anything from dramatic appeal to tranquility. There are a few things to consider though when looking at bay window treatments and some people will>> Read more

Installing Bathroom Window Curtains

If you are taking the time to properly decorate and style your bathroom, you should go the extra step of installing proper bathroom window curtains as well.  The days of tacking up an old towel as curtains are over.  Investing the time and effort in proper curtain installation will pay off in the>> Read more

Customizing Your Bathroom Window Curtains

While your store bought, mass produced curtains are sure to be lovely you would hate to see them all over town.  Your bathroom window curtains should be customized to your look, your décor and your style.  There are a lot of very inexpensive ways to do so, and you might as well take advantage of>> Read more

Alternative Bathroom Window Curtains

Not all bathroom windows need elaborate curtains or window treatments.  Many bathrooms have rippled glass or frosted glass that preserves your privacy and lets in natural light.  Spending all sorts of money on curtains for these windows would be difficult to justify the expense since they’d>> Read more