Tips For Buying the Right Shower Curtain and Accessories

Many people give little, if any thought when buying a new shower curtain only to realize perhaps they should have when in no time, the product purchased falls apart.  If you are in the market for a new shower curtain, today’s market offers a full range of styles, designs, colors, and prices, but also levels of quality.  Spending a little more for a high quality product is well worth the investment so you end up with years of service but also enjoyment.

Remember, you can find virtually anything wanted but the goal is to get the look and quality combined.  For years, shower curtains were nothing more than a barrier to keep water off the bathroom floor whereas today, they serve this purpose but also provide privacy and add color and style to the overall décor of the room.  Because of the way this one item is used, shopping around for something you like but also a shower curtain made of high quality material and workmanship is crucial.

The bathroom in most homes has become a personal retreat, a room that serves important functions but also one that offers relaxation and tranquility.  A shower curtain can be used to enhance the appearance of the room when used with a bathtub but with a shower, the curtain also makes it possible to take a long, hot, pulsating shower without worry of a mess.  Keeping water off the walls and floors also prevents problems associated with mold and mildew, which can be difficult and expensive to remove.

The first step is to find the right shower curtain, followed by a quality liner, rings, and curtain rod.  Each of these works as a unit, so buying the best you can afford would ensure the entire system provides the right aesthetics but also the protection needed.  Because the shower curtain is exposed not only to water, but also shampoo, conditioner, soap, and oils on a daily basis, unless made to last it would need to be replaced often.  On the other hand, if you purchase a quality shower curtain to start with, it could withstand daily use.

One of the first things you would notice is all the different materials from which today’s shower curtains are made.  Some people still go with plastic or vinyl but for a more sophisticated look, one made from cotton, linen, or even silk treated for water exposure is recommended.  For these material options, you would find literally any color or pattern wanted.  On average, expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a high quality shower curtain but again, you are paying for something that would last, thereby eliminating the cost of frequent replacement.

Along with actual fabric, the grommets and stitching are important.  You would get far more out of a new fabric shower curtain made with double stitching, which can be identified simply by reading information listed on the manufacturer’s package.  Then for the grommets, these should be structural sound and made of brass or stainless steel.  Since the grommets are used to reinforce the holes through which the rings go, you want something that is strong and well-made.  If you find a fabric shower curtain made without grommets, the holes would quickly stretch or even tear.

Just as with a quality shower curtain, it is essential to purchase a quality liner, which hangs between the interior of the shower or bathtub and the shower curtain itself, providing a protective barrier from the water.  Even a high quality liner would need to be replaced more often than the curtain but again, buying one with double stitching, metal or brass grommets that would not rust, and made of 10 gauge grade or higher would help it last longer.  Additionally, make sure any liner being considered has magnets spaced about every six inches within the hem to keep it in place while the water runs.  A good liner, one made from polypropylene or PVE opposed to PVC would cost around $20 and available in a wide range of colors, making it possible to coordinate with the actual fabric shower curtain.

As mentioned, the rings used for hanging the liner and shower curtain are also a key purchase.  While plastic works fine, if your goal were to create an amazing room then choosing something fancier and of higher quality would be recommended.  Other than making sure the rings are made of a material that would not rust, you have full reign as to color and design.  For a sophisticated bathroom, you might consider rings made from beautiful brushed nickel and those with a contemporary design.  However, if buying a shower curtain for a child’s bathroom, you could go with brightly colored airplanes or cars, pastel flowers or butterflies, and more.  Hundreds of different options for shower curtain rings can be found online, as well as a nice selection at your local retail store.

Finally, be sure to purchase the appropriate rod.  You would need to measure the area where the rod would be hung to ensure you buy the right size.  From there, you could from amazing materials, finishes, colors, and even styles, such as a curved shower curtain rod that is highly popular and trendy.  Although it may not seem as if a shower curtain rod is that big a deal, in truth it can complete the look you hope to achieve or create an unwanted distraction from the overall shower curtain ensemble.

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